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Commercial Lawyers (cmi legal)
At CMI Legal we focus on finding the right solution for you and your commercial and corporate matters by providing the most tailored commercial legal service we have in Sydney. We have experience in dealing with and understand the realities of legal challenges that you may encounter in operating a business.

At CMI Legal, we have specialty in commercial lease dispute and commercial litigation. Our team of commercial lawyers in Sydney has a reputation for providing sound and practical legal assistance in business and complex commercial legal disputes. We believe in providing timely and discreet legal advice to you in any form required, assure compliance and minimise needless risks so you can focus on and build your business, whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while.
We as lawyers understand that commercial litigation is a time-consuming and stressful process, but our commercial lawyers strive to offer a safe guide to our clients. We also take care that it is as smooth as possible, using a strategy that strikes a balance between pursuing our client’s legitimate legal interests and minimising costs.

We are specialised in:


Commercial law


Property law


Employment law


Intellectual property


Commercial lease dispute


Consumer law

Our expertise in the area of commercial and legal disputes is not limited. Here at CMI Legal we have experienced commercial lawyers, intellectual property, immigration and property lawyers with a variety of practice areas. This enables us to take a holistic approach to solving legal problems for your business. We provide careful attention to each client so that we can examine all of your concerns individually. At CMI Legal we think of your problem as our problem and thus we aim to find the best long-term solution for meeting our clients’ needs rather than quick fixes that may bring them trouble in the future.We as lawyers understand that commercial litigation is a time-consuming and stressful process, but our commercial lawyers strive to offer a safe guide to our clients. We also take care that it is as smooth as possible, using a strategy that strikes a balance between pursuing our client’s legitimate legal interests and minimising costs.


Contact us on +61 2 8386 8592 or come visit us at our personal office or you can even mail us at [email protected] and we will get you a personal consultation from one of our qualified commercial lawyers.

*Free consultation is limited to 15 minute phone call for us to give preliminary advice

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A commercial lawyer’s initial responsibility is to analyse their client’s requests and evidence and advise them on their legal rights and position in the dispute. A commercial lawyer will also investigate whether the problem may be handled without going to court.

Commercial lawyers will seek further instructions and papers from our client, and produce evidence in favour of our client’s case. We will assist our client with legal advice and information on the court process. We will formulate and prepare legal arguments for our clients, and present in court on our client’s behalf. We will negotiate with the opposing counsel to determine whether the disagreement may be addressed before the final hearing.

The aim of commercial law practice is to provide specific advice on how businesses perform their commercial activities and transact with one another, so that businesses have consistency and efficiency in their interactions and are protected against certain unfair practices. In the event that commercial agreements end up in dispute, alternative dispute resolution and commercial litigation provide different ways for resolving issues between corporations and consumers.

Commercial lawyers help clients in business transactions and other legal matters involving the selling and buying of companies. Commercial lawyers provide legal advice to businesses on topics like, intellectual property protection & agreements and international trade regulations compliance.

Commercial law is the body of law that governs businesses and individuals rights, conduct, and obligations in their business activities and transactions with other enterprises and the general public. When two or more businesses reach agreement on commercial terms, they can engage lawyers draft up commercial agreements based on the terms. In case of dispute, parties can seek to resolve the matter by negotiating through their lawyers or take the matter to court. In case of a court dispute, the Court will hear the parties’ evidence and legal arguments and render a binding judgement.

Commercial law encompasses a wide range of topics, including:

  • The body of law governing the formation, interpretation, and breaking of contracts is known as contract law.
  • The body of legislation that governs the ownership, management, and behaviour of corporations, as well as its shareholders and directors.
  • The law governing ownership and other rights in real property and leasing of premises is known as property and leasing law.
  • Copyright, trademark, patent, and design law are all examples of intellectual property law.
  • Misleading or deceptive behaviour, unfair contracts, and consumer warranties are all covered under trade practises and consumer law, which are codified in the Australian Competition and Consumer Act and the Australian Consumer Law

If you’re planning to buy a business, you should seek legal guidance from an experienced commercial lawyer to help you through the process. Many factors must be considered, including the optimal business structure for your purposes, financial and tax issues, due diligence, the business’s goodwill, contract documents, and any capital raising strategies you intend to pursue.

There are several strategies to safeguard your company’s intellectual property. Terms and conditions and privacy policies, Trademark registration, copyright, patents, distribution agreements, licensing, advertising and sponsorship rights, and e-commerce issues are just a few examples. In all of these areas, our knowledgeable commercial lawyers can help.

The following qualities should be found in a good commercial lawyer:

  • Commercial understanding and the capacity to comprehend the big picture.
  • Knowledge and expertise in the relevant field of law
  • Transparency and good communication abilities

Xunran Cheng
John and his team helped my family on three property purchases, two business contract negotiations, and many visa applications, all with professional, efficient, and trustworthy legal services. Thank you all!
nancy zeng
感谢CMI 律师认真负责任,非常专业的给我们服务。 我们家庭几乎所有的相关业余都交给了CMI律所,四年来,一直给我们服务,我们非常的满意!
Wilson Zhang
We had a nice experience working with CMI to purchase a property, where they reviewed the contract of sale quickly but carefully, and prepared negotiation terms to communicate with vendor's solicitor. Their professional works helped my settlement process as simple as nod & sign. Great works and thank you!
xiang lin
I am looking forward to our next meeting.We appreciate finding such professional team as CMI.
Excellent service! Very efficient and friendly. John is very professional and helpful. Highly recommend !!!
Christina Chan
Thanks so much John and Miranda. Second purchasing experience with your team! Professional and reliable! Highly recommend to everyone.
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