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Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder Agreements

What to Expect?


Shareholder agreement may be drafted before the company is formed or after the company is formed. We will first sit down with you to understand your business. You need to provide us with the background information and what each of the shareholders brings to the business.


We will advise you on shareholding structure, restrictions against share transfer, directorship, duties & rights of each party, what happens if the shareholder fails to comply with duties, and methods of resolving disputes etc.


Depending on your business needs, there are also other clauses that you can consider for inclusion into the shareholder agreement, such as No competition clause, Intellectual property clause, General clauses (confidentiality, warranties, default, termination or replacement of the shareholder agreement, and governing law), and special clauses per your needs.


Once the terms of the agreement are agreed on by all shareholders, we will for everyone to sign and retain a copy of the agreement.


We will notify ASIC of any changes to the register.