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I.P Services In Australia

Intellectual property law is complicated and ever-changing, especially with new technology constantly entering the market and a plethora of unique product and service concepts. With the majority of firms now having an online presence and material and information being so easily accessible, identifying, securing, and protecting valuable intangible assets has never been more vital.

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IP Australia defines intellectual property as “the ownership of one’s mind or brain.” In commercial terms, this also refers to your confidential information. In order to safeguard your intellectual property rights, you need to seek legal assistance from a competent intellectual property lawyer. Copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, and trade secrets are all examples of intellectual property in NSW. Securing and promoting intellectual property assets is critical for any market-leading company seeking a competitive advantage, and it necessitates the assistance of experts.

How can our Intellectual Property Lawyers help you?


IP Australia defines a trademark as a number, phrase or word, sound, fragrance, picture or any logo, packaging aspect, or any mixture of these.

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A registered trademark grants you the sole legal right to use, licence, or distribute goods and services for which it was registered in Australia. To conduct trademark registration searches and availability in Australia and abroad, an IP lawyer should be consulted.


The Copyright Act 1968 governs copyright, and IP Australia specifies that it secures the original representation of ideas.

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To protect the owner from unauthorized copying and other uses, copyright is automatically given to filmmaking, music or Art & Literature, broadcasts, and computer programmes. You may need the services of commercial lawyers if your copyright has been breached.


IP Australia defines a patent as a privilege given for any new, inventive, and useful device, substance, method, or procedure that will result

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in monetary gain.Applications should be submitted to IP Australia, and if approved, an Australian standard patent has 20-year validity. Patent lawyers should be consulted before filing an Australian patent application or an international patent application.


IP Australia defines design as the shape, configuration or pattern that when applied to a product, provides it a distinctive appearance.

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IP law only applies to designs with a commercial or industrial purpose, and they can only be registered if they are unique and fresh. For the assessments related to design searches as well as determining the legality of the design registration and design application, intellectual property lawyers should be consulted.

Trade Secret

According to IP Australia, a trade secret is both a sort of intellectual property and a technique for securing your IP.

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A trade secret might be anything from a unique recipe to a unique building, manufacturing technique, or formulation. Asking workers or others who have access to your trade secret to sign confidentiality agreements is the best way to secure it. A commercial lawsuit lawyer will be required if such confidential information is breached. You must take official measures to register your IP and get legal ownership rights with the help of intellectual property lawyers, apart from copyright and circuit layout rights, which are automatic.

Other Services

At CMI Group, our Intellectual Property (IP) team provides a comprehensive spectrum of services to clients,

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including protection, commercialization, defence, and enforcement of IP rights.

We have a lot of expertise advising and dealing with IP issues, including:

 Developing IP rules to protect intellectual property rights.


Non-disclosure agreements are written to safeguard confidential information and trade secrets.

Identifying relevant intellectual property and maximising its commercial potential.

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Intellectual property refers to legally protected works of the human mind and imagination. IP is frequently an organization’s most valuable asset.  IP, like actual property, can be purchased, sold, and leased. It has monetary value, often substantial monetary value.

At CMI Group, We advise on all elements of IP protection, enforcement, and recovery as an intellectual property legal firm. Our IP attorneys are well-known for consistently increasing the bar in terms of IP enforcement.

To provide our clients with a completely integrated solution, we have a solid relationship with highly experienced patent lawyers and specialist IP barristers.

At CMI Group, our lawyers help in preparing and negotiating intellectual property licence agreements and providing guidance on online IP issues.

They also advise on copyright infringement or defending against claimed infringement while applying for trade mark registration.