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Migration Law
Australian immigration rules, policies, and procedures are complicated and constantly changing. We are dedicated to offering the most thorough and up-to-date guidance to our clients. We’re also dedicated to providing realistic solutions that are both cost-effective and timely in order to help our clients reach their objectives. Our experienced team approaches each case carefully, determining the best legal path to immigration. Our charges are very reasonable, and we provide a professional and individualised service.

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HK Migration Pathaway


Intellectual property

We’ve helped our clients from all over the world to get the documents they need to come to Australia and achieve their dreams. We take pleasure in our ongoing commitment to education. Our team of seasoned immigration lawyers and licensed immigration agents are always learning legislative changes in order to give our customers the finest possible immigration services in Sydney.

Immigration concerns can be complicated and frustrating to deal with. We have handled everything from visa applications through appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Federal Circuit Court, and the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. We have proficient immigration lawyers. If you choose to contact our firm, you will quickly discover that, unlike many other professionals in the area, we will promptly answer all of your inquiries and questions throughout your association with us.

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At CMI Legal, we are well-known throughout the country for our extensive theoretical and practical legal knowledge, which enables us to assist you with any difficulty you may face. Our diversified staff is made up of top specialists with backgrounds in sociological and psychological research, as well as social work. All of this, together with our positive approach, guarantees our success. Years of practice have taught us that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to visa applications. Every person who applies has a unique set of requirements that stem from their current position.

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At CMI Legal, we have worked hard over the years to assemble a team of experienced immigration lawyers and solicitors who are not only knowledgeable about the subject but also multilingual. We now have team members who are fluent in a number of languages. This means that there are no chances of misunderstandings while dealing with a complicated subject, even if our clients are not fluent in English.

What more can our Immigration Lawyers offer?
At CMI Legal our team of best lawyers wants you to be at ease. We can also provide responsible counsels to safeguard your rights and interests if your case goes to court and through attentive communications with the Immigration Department on your behalf. We can assist you well in making informed judgments by reducing legal terms.

What does CMI Legal offer for their Corporate Clients?
At CMI Legal, our team of experts can also assist organisations seeking to sponsor workers to work in Australia with legal advice. We determine visa eligibility, develop immigration pathways and solutions, prepare and lodge visa applications, and communicate with the Department of Home Affairs on your account. Our team of immigration lawyers also assists their corporate clients on their sponsoring responsibilities. We can assist organisations that employ foreign nationals in their workforce with temporary and permanent residency policies, visa compliance, and risk management.


Contact us on +61 2 8386 8592 or come visit us at our personal office or you can even mail us at [email protected] and we will get you a personal consultation from one of our qualified Immigration lawyers.

*Free consultation is limited to 15 minute phone call for us to give preliminary advice

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It is indeed necessary to submit a strong application to the Department of Immigration right away. Your claims and the information you provided on the forms will be considered to decide on your case once you have submitted your visa application.

Be it a family visa, study visa, work visa or business and investment visa, on either the temporary or permanent residency stages, our lawyers are well aware of your needs. We will explain the legislation to you in the most straightforward manner possible. We also provide assistance on citizenship applications.

The Department of Home Affairs website is a good place to start for information about Australia’s migration system and procedure. The website will provide you with an overview of each visa type and the relevant eligibility requirements. If you have any more questions, please contact us for assistance.


Xunran Cheng
John and his team helped my family on three property purchases, two business contract negotiations, and many visa applications, all with professional, efficient, and trustworthy legal services. Thank you all!
nancy zeng
感谢CMI 律师认真负责任,非常专业的给我们服务。 我们家庭几乎所有的相关业余都交给了CMI律所,四年来,一直给我们服务,我们非常的满意!
Wilson Zhang
We had a nice experience working with CMI to purchase a property, where they reviewed the contract of sale quickly but carefully, and prepared negotiation terms to communicate with vendor's solicitor. Their professional works helped my settlement process as simple as nod & sign. Great works and thank you!
xiang lin
I am looking forward to our next meeting.We appreciate finding such professional team as CMI.
Excellent service! Very efficient and friendly. John is very professional and helpful. Highly recommend !!!
Christina Chan
Thanks so much John and Miranda. Second purchasing experience with your team! Professional and reliable! Highly recommend to everyone.
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