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Employer Sponsored Migration

Step 1

  • If you seek to migrate to Australia through your employer’s sponsorship, we will conduct a preliminary assessment to advise you and your employer (the company) on the following:

– whether the nominated occupation is on the occupations list
– whether your employer is capable of nominating the occupation and sponsoring you
– whether the sponsorship is reasonable
– whether you have the relevant skills and English level to meet the requirements
– whether skills assessment is required for your occupation

Step 2

  • We would provide you with a document checklist and review the documents provided to ensure both you and your employer meet the eligibility requirements.

Step 3

  • We would conduct research to obtain evidence of market salary level for your job position, and advise you and your employer on whether the market salary level is met.

Step 4

  • If labour market testing is required for the application, we would provide you with advice on how labour market testing could be completed.

Step 5

  • If your employer is not already an approved Standard Business Sponsor, we would submit an application to the Immigration Department so your employer may obtain a sponsorship agreement.

Step 6

  • Once your employer becomes an approved Standard Business Sponsor, we could prepare and lodge a nomination application on behalf of your employer to sponsor you for a skilled position in the company, and submit all business supporting documents.

Step 7

  • Once the nomination application is lodged, we could then prepare and lodge your visa application for your position within the company, and submit all your supporting documents.v

Step 8

  • After the nomination and visa applications lodgement, we would monitor the processing of the applications, and correspond with the Immigration Department accordingly when the Department contacts us with requisitions. We would also provide you with updates on the processing time from time to time

Step 9

  • When you become eligible for your PR stage Employer Nomination Scheme visa, we could collect supporting documents from you and your employer, prepare and submit the PR stage nomination and visa applications.
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