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General Power of Attorney

General Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney allows you to appoint another person to act as your attorney to deal with legal and financial affairs on your behalf, e.g. managing financing for elderly parents, signing documents to buy/sell properties for persons overseas. In NSW, a general power of attorney can be unregistered, but must be registered with Land Registry Services for property transactions.

Step 1

  • We will first sit down with you to understand your needs. We advise you how you can appoint the attorney and the sort of matters you may want to authorise them to do.

Enduring Power of Attorney

This is a Power of Attorney that lasts much longer. The effects of an enduring power of attorney last even when you become incapable of managing your own legal and financial affairs, e.g. if you suffer from dementia and lose mental capacity, your appointed enduring attorney can take care of your financial affairs.

Step 1

  • We will first sit down with you to understand your needs. We help you draft the enduring power of attorney form.

Step 2

  • You can sign the form in front of us and we can be the witness.

Step 3

  • Your attorney must also accept the appointment in writing.

Step 4

  • If you need to deal with property, we also help you to lodge the Enduring Power of Attorney for registration
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Enduring Guardianship

Power of Attorney only deals with your financial and legal circumstances, you will require an Enduring Guardianship if you want to appoint someone to deal with your health and medical circumstances.

An enduring guardian can make decisions relating to your health, including what medicine you eat and where you stay etc.

We will help you draft the enduring guardianship form, then witness both you and your appointed guardian’s signature.

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