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Resident Return Visa

Step 1

  • If you have already obtained a permanent residence visa, you will need to renew your PR visa when your visa expires if you wish to travel out and return to Australia. This is a Resident Return Visa

Step 2

  • Firstly, we will assess your circumstances to see whether you meet the residency requirement, of having lived in Australia for 2 years in the past 5 years.

Step 3

  • If you meet the residency requirement, we could submit a Resident Return visa application on your behalf after you provide us with your identity documents and other personal information. Unless there are other complications, you would be eligible for a 5-year visa grant shortly after we submit your application.

Step 4

  • If you do not meet the residency requirement, we will help you to obtain a renewal based on your ties with Australia in the 4 areas below:

– Property ownership in Australia;
– Business ownership and operation in Australia or economic ties;
– Family in Australia; and
– Community ties in Australia by being a member of community organisations.

Step 5

  • You can consult us for advice on how you may strategise the submission to the Immigration Department to present your ties with Australia in the best way depending on your situation.

Step 6

  • We would then send you a personalised document checklist according to your circumstances, so you could prepare the required documents.

Step 7

  • After we receive your documents, we would review them and advise on whether further documents should be obtained

Step 8

  • We would prepare and lodge the visa application and submit your supporting documents, then monitor your visa processing by the Immigration Department for any further documents required from you.
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