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Employment Law

Employment & Unfair Dismissal Lawyers

These rights are protected from unlawful actions, including (but not limited to):

adverse action

Adverse action





under influence

Undue influence or pressure

Why a Workplace Lawyer Is Important

A skilled employment lawyer is necessary since employment and workplace legislation is complicated and involves particular procedures.
For effective results, problems must be handled properly and wise decisions must be taken. Knowing and comprehending how to react is crucial, whether one is an employer or an employee. To handle important employment difficulties, one must hire an expert lawyer.
Look no further than CMI Legals if one is looking for a law firm.

What Services We Provide

Our employment lawyers at CMI legal have extensive expertise in offering useful guidance for laws, awards, and agreements. Along with knowledge of human resource management and legislation, we can help with arranging and overseeing employment contracts. The following services are offered by us:

Breach of employment contract

The minimum wage in Australia

Restraint of trade

Executive employment agreements

Paid parental leave and recent changes to parental leave

Contractor or employee

How do we work at CMI Legal?

A person should not stop there if they wish to resolve a legal issue but are unsure of how to proceed and are generally perplexed. Consult with CMI Legal’s professionals. We guarantee client pleasure and are experts in issues relating to the employment sector.


This dictionary aids and educates people in making informed decisions by simplifying complex legal terms.


For clients to feel at peace and assured of understanding of the statute in an out-of-court settlement, guide as they navigate their options.


Include tough yet ethical representation to safeguard the client’s interests straight away if the matter goes to trial.

Service Providing Areas of CMI Legal

Our team of expert professionals at CMI Legal deals with all aspects of employment law, including employment contracts, pay scales, policies, human resource management, and termination of employment.
They also provide services in the following:

Unfair dismissal protection

The entirety of unfair dismissal, unlawful termination, and general protection claims are included in this.

Working hours and pay

This includes the aspects of the specified written working hours and salary, holiday and sick day entitlements, as well as parental, maternity, and paternity rights.

Health and safety

This includes topics like sexual harassment, mental and sexual abuse, forced unpaid overtime, and unsafe working conditions.


Concerning the elements of discrimination based on a person’s gender, religion, sexual orientation, background, and ethnicity.


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Australian employment law, also referred to as industrial relations law has a dual structure where some work-related issues and relationships are managed by Commonwealth (Australia’s federal government) legislation and others are governed by state and territory laws or the common law.

Defend against harassment, discrimination, and sexual assault for all employees. Give employees their rightful compensation and benefits. record-keeping requirements Give all workers the education, tools, and guidance they require to do their jobs safely and effectively.

  • Fair Work Regulations 2009
  • Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. 
  • Fair Work (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Act 2009. 
  • Fair Work (State Referral and Consequential and Other Amendments) Act 2009.
  • Fair Work Amendment (State Referrals and Other Measures) Act 2009.

For the majority of Australian employees, the Fair Work Act 2009 establishes the basic level of employment conditions and entitlements. It outlines the duties and rights that apply to unions and other employee organisations, as well as to workers and employers.


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