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Finance Lawyers in Sydney

With a national reputation in the financial services industry and extensive experience, our team banking and finance lawyers are ready to help you

Finance law service
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What CMI Group Offers
We recognize the importance of your financial concerns, whether you’re a sole entrepreneur, a growing business, or an established global entity. We offer a comprehensive suite of finance law services, employing a skilled team of finance lawyers well-versed in handling various financial legal matters. Our team is proficient in dealing with banking regulations, financial transactions, corporate financing, securities law, asset management, investment law, financial compliance, and much more.
How to Choose the Right Finance Lawyer for Your Needs
Choosing a banking and finance lawyer should never be a rushed decision. It is crucial to find a banking and finance practice or law team that can provide legal advice specific to your needs. Look for a firm with lawyers who have a proven track record in dealing with financial institutions and who understand the ins and outs of finance transactions, including banking transactions and commercial lending. Our banking and finance lawyers have a range of expertise that spans corporate finance law, credit law, and asset finance, allowing us to provide comprehensive advice on various financial arrangements.
What CMI Group Offers
Navigating the complex world of banking and finance is never an easy task, especially with the ever-changing legislative and regulatory requirements. This is where our experienced banking and finance lawyers come into play.
Corporate Finance: Our senior associate lawyers provide expert legal advice on a range of corporate law and finance matters including financial transactions, financial services, the law, and domestic and commercial lending
Banking and Finance Law: We offer extensive expertise in all aspects of banking and finance law and practice, from advice and advising clients on banking transactions to understanding and interpreting complex legislation.
Regulatory Compliance: Our finance lawyers advise clients on compliance with regulatory bodies and laws applicable to financial services and financial institutions.
Commercial Lending and Asset Finance: We guide our clients through the legal complexities of commercial lending, property, and asset finance transactions, ensuring their financial and property arrangements are both legal and beneficial.
Credit Law and Financial Services: We guide our clients through the legal complexities of commercial lending, property, and asset finance transactions, ensuring their financial and property arrangements are both legal and beneficial.
Benefits of Hiring a Finance Lawyer
Hiring a finance lawyer ensures you receive accurate and updated advice in compliance with current banking and finance law. Our lawyers can handle complex finance transactions and advise on legal aspects of financing transactions in the domestic and retail sectors. As part of our banking and finance law practice, we provide due diligence, help establish compliant financial arrangements, and can act in relation to property transactions. Our team offers services to both banks and lenders and is well-versed in regulatory bodies and the ever-evolving regulatory requirements on the banking and finance side

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FAQs About finance Law
Finance lawyers provide legal advice to financial institutions, banks, lenders, and clients involved in financial transactions. They help interpret and apply banking and finance law and regulatory requirements, offering guidance and practice in areas like corporate finance, asset finance, and commercial lending.
Hiring a finance lawyer can help you establish and protect your interests in various financial transactions, ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. They provide expert advice and services tailored to your firm and specific needs, helping navigate the complexities of finance law.
Our banking and finance practice team boasts a national reputation in the financial services industry. Our banking and finance lawyers bring extensive experience in a wide range of finance transactions and other financial services, acting with a comprehensive understanding of the law and regulatory bodies.
We provide legal and compliance services to a broad range of clients within the financial services industry, including banks, other financial institutions, lenders, and retail and corporate clients.
Our property finance lawyers can guide you through the legal aspects of commercial lending and asset finance transactions. This includes offering advice on compliance with legislation, conducting due diligence, due advice, and establishing legally compliant financial arrangements.
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10/10 for Professionalism, Due diligence and very easy to deal with. Definitely recommended 😊 Tina does whatever she could to ensure your best interest is represented πŸ‘πŸ» The CMI Legal team is a team you can trust. There is nowhere else I’d rather be going to for legal advice, you soon will learn why, too.
Tina Tang is doing excellent service job as a profesional lawer and provide valued information about property purchase issue.Thank you so much,we are appreciated to your skilled help and hope to cooperate with your esteemed company,current residential living apartment 506/2-4 Culworth Ave Killara should be put in market,we hope Tina Tang will provide support as well.thank you so much. Joe Shi
CMI are very knowledgeable regarding Intellectual Property Law. I spoke with John & he helped me talk through my options & potential outcomes. He was very considerate & explained everything in detail, which I appreciated greatly.
I am highly grateful for all the assistance I was provided by CMI Legal during my home purchasing process. Tina has guided me through 2 separate purchases and she has been professional and prompt with personalized advice. I would be completely overwhelmed were it not for her legal expertise.
I really recommend the legal service here! Tina is my lawyer and she is very helpful for all the works, and she always communicates with me with all the details very well. I will definitely work with her again in the future.
Working with Tina through all steps of our property purchase was such a delight. She provided frequent updates at every step of the process so we always knew where everything was up to. We were always provided with clear and concise instructions and never left wondering what to do next. Would highly recommend!
Thank you for your Excellent support your understanding to our request help us with the process and an fantastic advice to our Family Business, thank you CMI Legal Pty Ltd Team at Chatswood,NSW for all the effort to put to focus for all the details to help and support us. We are incredibly grateful to you for your help.Thank you for the outstanding SERVICE to us and your Customer. Thank you to your nice receptionist for great customer services.. receptionist
Professional and down to earth, willing to listen to my issues without prejudice. Highly recommend

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*Free consultation is limited to 15 minute phone call for us to give preliminary advice

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