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Partner Visa Subclass 309/100 Lawyers

Dealing with the intricacies of immigration law demands expertise, though it is particularly true when it comes to the Partner Visa Subclass 309/100. Our team of dedicated attorneys provides clients with the necessary assistance in applying for this provisional visa, which is the first step toward a Permanent Partner Visa. We are fully conversant with the process and offer complete assistance to spouses or partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or citizens of New Zealand.

What is Partner Visa (Subclass 309/100)

The Partner Visa Subclass 309/100 is a visa for Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens and their partners and spouses to live in Australia. It is a two-step procedure with the provisional Subclass 309 visa and the permanent Subclass 100 visa. The applicants submit their applications from abroad and are not permitted to enter Australia until the visa is issued.

This visa category specifically caters to genuine relationships, offering them a pathway to permanent residency. The application process involves a thorough review of the evidence provided by applicants, including financial statements, household type, social issues, and the nature of their commitment to each other. Both the visa 309 and subclass visa 100 categories are designed to ensure that only real relationships that meet specific criteria are allowed to progress toward permanent residency.

Provisional Visa (Subclass 309)

The next step, therefore, is to develop the strategy. It ensures that the applicant lives in Australia with his/her partner temporarily. It is a pathway to a permanent Subclass 100 visa that is valid until the case progresses to the permanent visa application.

Permanent Visa (Subclass 100)

A two-year visa is usually granted after the application, which in turn makes the holder a permanent resident, who can live in Australia indefinitely, attend educational programs, work, and access some social benefits.

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The process of obtaining the Subclass 309 visa and the Subclass 100 visa involves an array of processes that are delicate, and detailed, and require a full understanding of the legal requirements, which points to the need to have a legal representative to guide the applicants through the process.

What is Eligibility Criteria for Subclass 309/100

To become eligible for the Partner Visa Subclass 309/100, the visa applicants are required to comply with specific guidelines provided by the Australian Government. These criteria are created as an assurance of the basis of the sponsor-applicant relationship verification.


The Australian sponsor must sponsor the applicant for the Partner 309 visa. The sponsor is required to submit a written statement of support that will be usable for the applicant during the first two years of their stay in Australia. This statement must cover financial, accommodation, and emotional support, ensuring the applicant is well-supported upon arrival under the partner visa Australia 309 category.

Mutual Commitment

One of the things that must be provided is evidence of both partners’ desire to spend their lives together as a couple, exclusive of anyone else. This includes addressing fiscal concerns, providing a generic description of the family, demonstrating public acceptance of their relationship, and outlining their long-term plans. The offshore partner visa or the subclass 309 and 100 combined application are designed to scrutinize these aspects thoroughly to validate the authenticity of the partnership.

Health and Character Requirements

The applicant and any dependents have to abide by some specific health and character conditions. We will conduct a medical examination and obtain police certificates from the countries where the applicant was residing for 12 months or more within the last decade.

Relationship Status

 Aspirants should be in a genuine and continuing relationship with an Australian citizen a permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen. This relationship may be a marriage or a de facto partnership with evidence that the petitioner and the respondent were cohabiting for a minimum of two years.

Length of the Relationship

For de facto partners, usually, the prerequisite is that the pair should have spent 12 months together in the relationship immediately before applying. Yet, there is an exception allowed in Australia if the relationship is registered in some states which can replace the 12-month requirement.

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Documents Checklist for Visa Subclass 309/100

A critical part of the Subclass 309/100 Partner Visa application process is the submission of the required documents, which demands precise precision. The list of documents required may vary based on specific situations but could include proof of identity, proof of legitimacy, medical assessments, character references, sponsorship commitment, and history of past relationships. This is especially pertinent for those applying for a partner visa outside Australia and the partner visa 100, as these documents play a crucial role in verifying the legitimacy of the relationships. The applicants should make sure that the package includes everything needed for a successful visa application.

Identity and Personal Documents

Critical identity documents, for instance, National Identity Cards, Birth Certificates, and certified copies of passports are compulsorily required. These papers serve to prove the applicant to be a citizen and nation of the country in question. Along with that, you may also be asked to submit passport-size photos to complete the application forms.

Relationship Evidence

A lot of documents such as tax returns, year-end statements, and proof of income are needed to prove the relationship. Such proof includes but is not restricted to, sharing joint bank statements, billing accounts in both names, lease agreements confirming cohabitation, and letters of support from friends and family. The documents in sum reveal the ethos and the length of the relationship.

Character and Medical Checks

Applicants for Australian partner visas must submit police reports from countries where they spent twelve or more months in the past ten years. These reports help assess the candidate’s personality. Additionally, health examinations by authorized panel doctors are crucial to meet health criteria for visa applications.

Sponsorship Documentation

The Australian sponsor should complete and sign the forms which state that he/she will provide any financial help to the applicant if necessary. These are among the services offered which include financial, accommodation, and emotional assistance. Proof of the sponsor’s citizenship or permanent residency status as well as documents showing that the sponsor is still living in Australia must be submitted.

Evidence of Dissolution of Previous Relationships

The divorce certificates, legal documents of annulled marriage, or even death certificates (in case of a widowed partner) need to be provided if possible. In addition, these documents are essential because they can be used to confirm any past obligations and prove eligibility for a new partnership visa application.

Declarations and Consents

Multiple affirmations of both the applicant and the sponsor about the veracity of the information provided, consent forms to the Australian authorities to do the necessary checks, and legal acknowledgments are among the documents needed for the submission.

Benefits of Visa Subclass 309/100

Through the Subclass 309/100 Partner Visa, it is possible to have access to several benefits that will help to establish a stable and secure life in Australia for partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. This type of visa not only closes the physical gap but also provides the basis for interpersonal and economic ties to Australia which will then serve as a strong bridge for future growth and integration.

The partner visa Subclass 309/100 is the straightforward way to long-term residence in Australia. To begin with, the permanent partner (subclass 309) visa, granted for a temporary period, allows the holder to move to the permanent partner visa (subclass 100) after fulfilling certain conditions, e.g. demonstration that the relationship is cumulative and genuine.
After receiving approval, visa holders will be able to work and study in Australia, which will help them develop themselves better and socialize in the Australian community. This saves the time spent in filing separate applications for work and student visas and instead opens doors to career opportunities and higher education.
The beneficiaries of this visa, after their arrival, have the chance to get onto Medicare, Australia’s public health care system, quickly. This gives public insurance coverage similar to one provided to Australian citizens on a subsidized basis that also includes reduced costs for medication prescriptions.
If the person is holding a permanent visa (subclass 100) for a specific period, it may be possible for him to become eligible for social security benefits related to their situation. This is also manifested in the form of aid during periods of economic hardship, for example, when you are jobless or on parental leave.

People who have obtained permanent residency can sponsor visas for their relatives, which is the way to family reunification in Australia. This contributes to the family ties becoming stronger and the cultural integration of newly migrated people into the Australian community.

The visa settles the couple by giving them a feeling of security and stability, they can now look at the future with a positive mindset. Whether it is land ownership, having children, or investing in businesses, visa holders make their decisions knowing what they are doing and that they have a bright future in Australia.
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How the Subclass 309/100 Partner Visas Work

It is important for individuals striving to obtain a Subclass 309/100 Partner Visa to learn the procedural mechanisms to make their journey as smooth as possible. This visa is performed in two stages, the provisional partner visa (Subclass 309) being the first and the permanent partner visa (Subclass 100) following.

Application Process

 The process starts with the Subclass 309 visa application which is submitted for assessment. The applicants must hold a valid passport and should be outside Australia when they apply as well as when the visa is granted. The application needs to include all the necessary documents, including proof of the relationship, identity documents, and check for character and medical.

Assessment and Temporary Visa Grant

Following lodgement, the application gets a detailed review by the Department of Home Affairs. When the application is found to be satisfactory, the Subclass 309 visa is granted in the initial stage. On this temporary visa, the applicant stays, lives, and studies in Australia while the decision on the permanent Subclass 100 visa is made.

Eligibility for Permanent Visa

Normally, after the initial application, an applicant can be eligible to move from Subclass 309 to Subclass 100 permanent visa after two years of this process. This aspect of the application is crucial because when the applicants have to show that they still have a valid relationship with the partner they are living with.

Final Assessment and Permanent Visa Grant

The process of Subclass 100 visa transition will involve an assessment exercise where additional documents might be required to confirm the continuation of the relationship. In case it is successful, the Subclass 100 visa gives the applicant permanent residency status.

Rights and Obligations

The applicant becomes an Australian permanent resident once the Subclass 100 Visa is granted and is entitled to social security, and Medicare and can apply to invite other relatives to be permanent residents.

How Do You Apply for a Partner Visa in Australia?

The Australian partner visa application procedure is complex and demands meticulous attention to detail. The steps can be navigated as follows:

Consultation and Engagement

Start by arranging a meeting with the immigration lawyer who has expertise in this field, and they will give you customized assistance. They will perform an evaluation of your case and the complexities of the process, and they will acquaint you with the process. Upon the completion of the meeting, they will promptly send you an engagement letter or an agreement detailing the terms and conditions of your legal representation, so that all parties involved have a firm grasp on the commitment.

Preparation and Support

International marriage requires your lawyer to prepare a set of documents and to collect strong evidence that confirms your relationship. These proofs may include joint bank account statements, shared lease or mortgage documents, and personal statements from friends and family. This preparation stage is an essential element of the whole procedure, because the quality of application can provide a basis for a fair consideration.

Submission and Communication

This is the stage where you and your attorney file your application with the Australian Department of Home Affairs. They will review your paperwork and make sure it complies with all applicable laws and regulations. The lawyer will be working closely with the department and maintaining communication with you during this waiting period, which may be longer, and will give additional information.

Representation and Success

You may, for instance, be required to provide additional information or submit to an interview by the Department of Home Affairs. And if so, your lawyer will prepare you for this and represent you if the need arises. They’re the one who is there for you, and they are the ones who bring out the best in you so that they can better present you to the college. They will advise you on the outcome of the decision and would review the details to guide you on the best choice, may it be an appeal or new application.

What Happens if Your Australian Partner Visa Subclass 309/100 Gets Approved

The approval of the Partner Visa Subclass 309/100 marks a significant milestone in the journey of partners striving to build their lives together in Australia. This approval not only solidifies the applicant’s legal status in the country but also opens up various opportunities and pathways for a stable and secure future. Understanding the immediate and long-term implications of this approval is crucial for effectively planning and maximizing the benefits associated with the visa.

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Residency Status : Getting a subclass 100 visa is the final part of the application process, which will ensure the permanent residency status of the visa holder. This position provides freedom of movement and labor in Australia that should make a basis for the long-term settlement and integration into Australian society.

Family Reunification : A permanent residency is a type of visa that allows the holder to sponsor other family members for various kinds of visas. This way it becomes much easier to reunite families. This is relevant especially to couples who want to have relatives of theirs come to Australia as it creates a network of support that is important to them.
Access to Services : The permanent residents are entitled to Australian Medicare (public healthcare system) and other social services such as housing, education, etc. This means that they can lead a better life and reduce their expenses by doing away with the financial burdens associated with healthcare services and other essential services.

Citizenship Eligibility: When permanent residents fulfill the criteria and stay for the qualifying period on a Subclass 100 visa, they become eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. This is the stage where the journey of immigration ends, granting the right to vote and a passport, with a higher level of security in Australia.

Career and Education Advancement: Under the right to work and study the visa holders do not have any restrictions, they can attend more courses, and participate in professional development and career growth avenues without being limited by the rules connected with temporary visas.
Community Integration: Permanent residency allows people to become part of the community, participate in civic activities, as well as contribute to the local economy thereby making them to be as part of the community and being useful to the community as a whole.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Lawyer For Visa Subclass 309/100

The key factor when deciding which kind of legal help you will get for your Partner Visa Subclass 309/100 application is to successfully manage the immigration process. Here’s why selecting specialized migration lawyers like us can significantly enhance your chances of a successful application:

Expert Guidance

Our team of Australian migration lawyers, who are all skilled in immigration laws, have a deep understanding of the specific details of immigration laws, especially when it comes to Partner Visa applications. We provide you with special assistance so that your application meets all legal requirements of the subclass 309 visa and the subclass 100 visa conditions.

High Success Rate

Our law firm prides itself on an excellent history of successful visa applications. The partner visa process is a complicated one, so we provide a strategic approach, starting with the submission of the application and ending with the final approval. The objective of our strategic approach is to avoid the common errors that lead to refusal.

Comprehensive Support

From documentation to the strict criteria of the subclass 100 partner visa, we cover each step as you wait to be granted the visa. Our Partner Visa Lawyers stand by the client all the way through and they handle the Department of Home Affairs on behalf of the individual.

Problem-Solving Expertise

We are specialists in dealing with complicated cases that are characterized by onerous legal challenges. We can deal with the problems associated with the previous refusal of the visa as well as with the complicated nature of the relationship proofs. As we have expertise in the provisional partner visa and permanent partner visa laws, you can be sure about the best possible outcome.

Ongoing Support and Future Planning

Our connection with clients not only ends as soon as the visa is granted, but rather, we keep looking into the interests of our clients as well. We offer continuous support to guide you through the different stages of the partnership visa Australia, then to the permanent residency and finally, the acquisition of the citizenship of Australia. We aim to be your family member, one who will be beside you at every stage of your journey, and help you to get the best outcome for the chances Australia has to offer.

FAQs on Partner Visa Subclass 309/100

The requirements for the Subclass 309 visa are that the sponsor be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen eligible to reside in Australia permanently. The sponsor has to be the applicant’s partner and is required to support the visa applicant for two years after entering Australia.
The duration of the Partner Visa 309/100 application process can be impacted by many different factors, including the specific characteristics of each case and the level of completeness of the application. In most cases, the entire process takes between 15 to 24 months during which all the stages of the visa are being processed.
If the sponsorship relationship ends before the issuance of the visa, please notify the Department of Home Affairs immediately. The visa process could continue to be affected, and the application would therefore run the risk of being denied unless the situation can be deemed as special.
The Subclass 309 visa is given after grants temporary residence in Australia with their partner. Consequently, the applicant may apply for the Subclass 100 permanent visa after certain conditions are met, which usually take two years, under the proviso that the relationship still exists and it is a true one.
Subclass 309 visa application fee is usually composed of the main applicant fee, which is roughly AUD 7,850 (as of this writing). Additional fees will be applied for dependents, any required health examinations, and police certificates.
If you get divorced, your visa status could be affected if it is dependent on your relationship status. For permanent residency visas, such as after being granted a Subclass 100, your status might not necessarily be impacted unless fraud is detected.
The Subclass 309 visa is for those people who are outside Australia (offshore), for the Subclass 820 visa is for those who are in Australia (onshore). They are both transitory phases but finally, step into the Permanent Partner Visa pathway.
With the Subclass 309 visa, in most cases, you are not going to be able to enter Australia until it is approved. Your application and visa must be granted outside Australia unless you are an Australian citizen or hold a permanent visa.
The time needed for processing the Australian spouse visa 309 may differ, usually taking from 15 to 24 months, based on the individual and their case specifics and the overall complexity of the matter.
Usually, divorce does not have any impact on your permanent residence in Australia unless this residence was given to you based on your relationship and you are not accused of fraud or misrepresentation.
The processing times for the Subclass 309 in 2024 can vary widely. Prospective applicants should check the latest updates directly from the Department of Home Affairs as processing times can change based on application volumes and individual complexities.
Adding a partner after your visa is granted, normally, means applying for a new dependent visa that your spouse applies for based on your visa status and this application is subject to all requirements and conditions being met.

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