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Can an Australian citizen sponsor their spouse for PR?

Yes, Australian spouse can support their spouse permanent residency(PR) in Australia. To that end, these arrangements make it possible for the partners of the Australian citizens, permanent residents, and New Zealand citizens living in Australia to live there permanently.

Are you an Australian citizen looking to sponsor your spouse for permanent residency (PR)? You’re in luck! Australia offers a pathway for spouses of Australian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens to obtain PR and join their partners in Australia for a new chapter in life.

Yes, Australian spouse can support their spouse permanent residency(PR) in Australia. To that end, these arrangements make it possible for the partners of the Australian citizens, permanent residents, and New Zealand citizens living in Australia to live there permanently. The sponsorship for PR requires applicants to comply with specific eligibility requirements, pass the application process that is complex in nature, and make sure they can afford the financial implications. This guide is there to help you get through the whole process of sponsoring your spouse for a PR in Australia, which is aimed at providing you with all the information you need to begin your uplifting journey together.

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Everything you need to know about Spousal PR Sponsorship in Australia

Sponsoring your spouse for the permanent residence in Australia is a complicated process which you need to successfully plan and do its preparation. The government of Australia has established certain sponsorship requirements and applicants’ criteria. It involves a number of stages which range from filling an application, assessment to the final choices. It is of serious importance to think over step by step to see that you do not skip some steps which are necessary for the better result.

The Australian spousal sponsorship program has been designed in such a way that Australian citizens and permanent residents would have the ability to bring their foreign partners to live with in Australia on a permanent basis. This is the Australian process that has to do with the family reunion.

  • This first step is to work out whether you are able to act as sponsor. Sponsors in Australia must meet the government-specified requirement of being an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or a citizen of New Zealand who is eligible. Furthermore, sponsors too should be at least 18 years old.

  • After you have determined that you fall under the sponsor category, you should make sure that your spouse has the necessary requirements. These conditions include for instance having one true and ongoing relationship with you, fulfilling the health and character criteria, and being outside Australia when the application is filed and decided upon.

  • Where confirmation of eligibility is done, the application process follows. This will require the applicant to gather the appropriate materials such as application fee and documents and then submit the application. Moreover, one should bear in mind that the application process is time-consuming and needs to be double-checked more often than not.

  • The application will be reviewed, afterwards, by Department of Home Affairs. The department may be entitled to such information as it deems necessary during this period. It is important to answer these queries quickly so as not to lead to the delays in dealing with the requests.

  • In the end, the last step will be decision making on the application. The spouse of yours is then granted a provisional visa if approved. The holder of the visa is given permission to live, work and study in Australia. In this case, when the relationship has not changed its nature after two years of time, a permanent visa may be granted.

Eligibility Criteria for Sponsoring a Spouse for PR

Before you can sponsor your spouse for PR, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. These include:

  • Sponsor’s Eligibility: First of all, as a sponsor you need to be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen who holds an eligibility. This is to make sure that the sponsor is not a threat to Australia, and can contribute to the life of the spouse in the country.
  • Relationship Status: Your relationship with your partner needs to be built on a genuine and long-lasting basis. In essence, you need to present convincing evidence that your affairs are genuine and not just a paper relationship. This can be done through common purse, joint ownership of real estate or another manifestation of a stable relationship.
  • Health and Character: Likewise, you and your prospective partner will be subject to certain health and moral standards. With this in mind, I do assure you that we do not compromise the safety of the Australian community. The procedure might involve going through medical checkups and getting a police clearance certificate.
  • Financial Requirement: As a sponsor, you will be put to the test with regard to your financial capability and your ability to support your spouse in Australia. Along with this, they should also satisfy their academic, emotional, and physical demands.
  • Sponsorship Obligation: Your role as a sponsor is not only important but also requires a lot from you. First and foremost, it involves offering financial and moral support, and keeping your spouse eligible for their visa under all conditions.

The Application Process

Sponsoring a spouse for PR in Australia involves a detailed application process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through it:

  • Check Your Eligibility: The first step is to ascertain if you have the sponsorship pre-requisites to invite your spouse for permanent residency. The category of individuals who are deemed an Australian citizen, permanent resident or the eligible New Zealand citizen also falls within this group. Similarly, you must be able to pay the necessary fees to accommodate your spouse in Australia. This is a vital part as it builds a groundwork for the whole procedure.
  • Prepare the Necessary Documents: The further step after that will be to check your eligibility and afterwards you need to gather all the documents needed. Proof of the relationship is also required which include marriage certificates, joint bank account statements and so on. Moreover, you should be financially capable for which the value of your assets and income will be assessed. Basically, you will also need health and character documents including police clearance and medical certificates. It is vital to be as truthful as possible in filling up the application form and to ensure that all documents are translated into English if applicable. This step can be time-consuming, however, I consider it crucial for a flawless application.
  • Submit the Application: When all essential documents are compiled, you can then proceed to submit the application. This process comprises of fulfilling all the required information in the application form judiciously, attaching all the necessary documents, and paying the application fee. I’d recommend you to read and reread all the data to be submitted and make sure there are no mistakes that could slow down the processing of your application.
  • Wait for Assessment: The process continues with the submission of the application that will be examined by Department of Home Affairs. This is the stage where you need to spend considerable time reviewing your application and all the appended documents. In the course of this period, the office might require extra evidence or data. It’s integral to promptly address for avoidance of processing delays.
  • Receive the Decision: The last step is the making of choices among your application. If an application is approved, your spouse will be granted a provisional visa, which enables them to reside, work, and take up studies in Australia. In case of a long standing relationship (at least 2 years) which is real and still ongoing, a ten year permanent visa may be granted.

Financial Implications of Sponsoring a Spouse for PR

Sponsoring a spouse for PR in Australia is not just a lengthy and complex process, but it also involves significant financial implications. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Application Fee: The Department of Home Affairs charges a fee for processing the PR application. As of July 2023, the combined application fee for both the temporary Partner visa (subclass 309) and the permanent Partner visa (subclass 100) is AUD 8,8501.
  • Financial Support: As a spouse, you are also expected to do your part in terms of financial support within the boundaries of the agreed living conditions. This implies on the majority of the items as part of their daily needs for example food, shelter, and healthcare. That in itself calls for a continuous source of income or a decent saving.
  • Healthcare Costs: While your partner will become eligible for Medicare after holding PR status, there are still some medical expenses that will not be reimbursed by the government. Treatments or medication that are unique to the affected population could be some of the examples. Budgeting both for expected and unexpected healthcare bills is crucial to the financial impact analysis of sponsorship.
  • Settlement Costs: Adjusting to an unknown country involves multiple financial burdens. Such costs might comprise of shipping of belongings, buying of new household items and those even job hunting related. These cost can accumulate gradually thus it is vital to plan and budget for them.
  • Potential Legal Costs: If you decide to employ a lawyer specialized in immigration who will assist you in the application process, you will have to take into account the additional expenses as well. The costs of legal fees can differ from one attorney to another, hence it is sensible to get several quotes from different attorneys to have a clear picture of what the costs are.

One should keep in mind the fact that the choice of sponsoring a partner for permanent residency is a big one that needs a thoughtful financial planning. Understanding all the costs of a home ownership is very important before you begin your journey.


A non-national Australian citizen is able to sponsor his wife to be a permanent resident in Australia. The sponsor should be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or citizen of New Zealand who is eligible for the benefit. The procedure consists of the filing of an application with the Home Department and the submission of documents proving a true and abiding relationship.
Absolutely, a spouse relying on can submit for the Permanent Residence (PR) in the Australia. The spouse, who has no job, must rely on an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. The other spouse is also entitled to medical and moral requisites while passing a job proficiency assessment.
If you are married to an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, they may already have the right to apply for permanent residency visa as their sponsor in Australia. Yet, you are obliged to present that the relationship is real and will stay alive, and you should have a good health and a clean character.
A country national or permanent Australian citizen or a New Zealand citizen who is eligible to apply can sponsor an individual for permanent residency if one intends on living down under. The sponsor should be in a position to provide financial assistance to the person being sponsored without condition, and that person should be of reasonably good character.

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