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Employment Lawyers In Sydney

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What Services
We Provide

What Services We Provide

Our employment lawyers at CMI Legal have extensive expertise in offering useful guidance for all matters relating to employment law. Along with knowledge of human resource management and legislation, we can help with arranging and overseeing employment contracts as well. The following services are offered by our employment law solicitor:

How Do We Work At CMI Legal?

We consider ourselves as the best employment lawyers in Sydney. We will discuss your options and give you all the information you need about our legal services to know where you stand in your workplace law matter.
You make a decision and allow our employment law firm in Sydney of experienced solicitors to handle your case and get you the result you need.

Service Providing Areas Of CMI Legal
Our team of experienced employment law team at CMI Legal deals with all aspects of employment law, including employment contracts, pay scales, policies, human resource management, and termination of employment.
Employment Contracts, Disputes And Litigation

We can help your company with all matters relaitng to drafting employement contracts, disputes and litigation.

Unfair Dismissal
This includes the aspects of the specified written working hours and salary, holiday and sick day entitlements, unfair dismissal claims, as well as parental, maternity, and paternity rights.
Discrimination And Harrasement Issues
Our expert lawyers have extensive experinece in all matters relating to workplace sexual harassment, workplace bullying and discrimination.
Workplace Audits & Investigation
Our legal team can help in assessing the wage compliance, work health & safety standards, harassment awareness audits, workplace investigations, strategic advice etc.
Consultation For Employment Matter With Small Fees

Get consultation for Employment Law with our experienced lawyers.

What Employment Lawyers In Sydney Can Do For You

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve had to deal with your fair share of employment law issues. Whether it’s drafting contracts, negotiating severance packages, or handling disputes/seek legal advice, employment law can be complex and time-consuming. At CMI Legal’s we are experienced in all areas of Australian employment law and can provide invaluable assistance to both employers and employees. We can help with everything from drafting contracts to negotiating severance packages to handling disputes. In addition, we can provide guidance on a variety of compliance issues, including equal opportunity and discrimination laws. If you’re an employer who is looking for assistance with employment law matters, consider contacting our boutique law firm in Sydney today.

Employment lawyers can draft contracts for both employers and employees. They can also review existing contracts to ensure that they comply with all relevant laws and regulations. One of the most popular services offered by our employment lawyers is contract drafting and negotiation. If you’re starting a new job, our lawyers can help you negotiate your contract so that it’s fair and meets your needs. We can also help you understand the implications of different clauses in your contract so that you know exactly what you’re agreeing to. If you’re already employed and you’re being asked to sign a new contract, an employment contract lawyer can review it to make sure that it’s fair and that you understand all the implications. They can also negotiate on your behalf to try to get better terms for things like salary, vacation days, and sick days.

If you feel like you’ve been the victim of discrimination at work, an employment lawyer can help you lodge a claim with the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC). The EOC is responsible for investigating claims of discrimination and taking action if they find that discrimination has occurred. Our workplace discrimination lawyers will be able to advise you on whether or not your case has merit and they can represent you during the investigation process. We can also help you lodge an appeal if the EOC decides not to take action against your employer.

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) is responsible for investigating claims of unfair dismissal, wage theft, breaches of the National Employment Standards (NES), and other workplace disputes. If you think your employer has treated you unfairly, our unfair dismissal lawyer can help you lodge a claim with the FWC. At CMI Legal will be able to advise you on whether or not your claim is likely to succeed and they can represent you during conciliation meetings and hearings. If necessary, they can also help you lodge an appeal if your claim is unsuccessful.

Workplace lawyers in Sydney are experts in employment law who provide a range of services to employers. We offer advice on a wide range of issues including employee contracts, managing performance, workplace investigation, workplace policies, termination of employment and discrimination. We can also assist with dispute resolution, mediation and litigation if the need arises.
An experienced workplace lawyer will work closely with their clients to ensure they receive the best possible outcome for their particular circumstances. They will review any existing documents or agreements that pertain to the dispute and assess the current state of individual rights. A comprehensive understanding of applicable legal frameworks allows us to properly advise their clients on how best to proceed in each case. This could include providing sound guidance when considering an out-of-court settlement

Employment lawyers can assist with negotiating severance packages for employees who have been terminated from their job. They can also help employees who have resigned to negotiate a favorable exit package.
If you’re facing workplace law issues, redundancy or termination, an employment lawyer can help you negotiate a severance package. This includes things like negotiating how much notice you’ll be given, whether you’ll receive any financial compensation with respect to the fair work act, and what kind of reference you’ll be given when prospective employers call your former employer about workplace relations.
An employment lawyer will also be able to advise you on whether the severance package being offered is fair and reasonable, and they’ll fight for a better deal if they think you deserve one. They can also help you challenge an unfair dismissal by pursuing employment litigation if they think your rights have been breached.

Seek Legal Advice For Employment Law

There’s no denying that employment law can be complex and time-consuming. If you’re an employer who is looking for assistance with any aspect of employment law (i.e employment relationship, employment law services, workplace law, legal services or just practical and sensible advice), consider contacting our employment law specialist firm in Sydney today. Employment lawyers and Commercial Lawyers offer a wide range of services and can provide invaluable assistance with everything from drafting contracts to negotiating severance packages to handling disputes. The employer should consider Intellectual property lawyers for protecting their business from  IP infringement

Frequent Questions About Employment Law
Australian employment law, also referred to as industrial relations law has a dual structure where some work-related issues and relationships are managed by Commonwealth (Australia’s federal government) legislation and others are governed by state and territory laws or the common law.
  • Fair Work Regulations 2009
  • Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. 
  • Fair Work (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Act 2009. 
  • Fair Work (State Referral and Consequential and Other Amendments) Act 2009.
  • Fair Work Amendment (State Referrals and Other Measures) Act 2009.
For the majority of Australian employees, the Fair Work Act 2009 establishes the basic level of employment conditions and entitlements. It outlines the duties and rights that apply to unions and other employee organisations, as well as to workers and employers.
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