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Debt Recovery

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Do you have a right to debt recovery and how can we help with the recovery process.

The concept of debt collection is simple:
Generally, where one party is legally bound to pay or repay the money owed to another party, the latter can exercise their rights to debt collection.
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If you are seeking to collect debt from another party, you must provide:

  1. The amount which you are looking to recover;
  2. An account of what happened including circumstance(s) in which debt was incurred;
  3. Evidence proving indebtedness of the other party, such as a signed agreement;
  4. The other party’s contact information;
  5. If the debt has been partially repaid, evidence of repayment;
  6. Evidence of your attempt to recover debt from the other party; and
  7. Response from the other party to the aforementioned attempt.
As your legal representative, CMI will compile all the relevant information and materials to support a letter of demand to the other party for debt recovery. If they cannot repay the debt within a stipulated time frame, we can file a statement of claim to commence proceedings in Court to recover the debt. Once the statement of claim has been served, the other party will have 28 days to repay the amount owed or we can seek a court order to seize their property in order to repay the debt.
At CMI, we tailor our debt recovery plans and strategies to suit your unique circumstance, ensuring that all your debt is repaid. We have successfully represented many individuals and companies in their debt recovery processes and we want to help you. Contact us at 02 8386 8592 or visit us at Suite 202, Level 2, 815 Pacific Highway, Chatswood NSW.