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How Do I Apply For a Subclass 188B Visa?

Subclass 188B Visa

It may be difficult to navigate the complexity of immigration law, particularly when it comes to permits that require substantial financial outlays. For those who are contemplating relocating to Australia for business purposes, the Subclass 188B Visa may be the best option. This post seeks to provide a thorough overview of the requirements for applying for a Subclass 188B Visa, as well as advice on how to avoid typical application process mistakes.

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What is a Subclass 188B Visa?

It’s important to comprehend what a Subclass 188B Visa is before beginning the application procedure. This visa is intended for those who want to invest a substantial sum of money in Australia. For a limited time, you may live, work, and invest in the nation with this temporary visa.


    • The principal objective of the Subclass 188B Visa is to entice overseas investors to Australia. In doing so, it stimulates economic growth and employment creation in Australia. This visa is an investment in Australia’s future, not merely a means of obtaining residence.

    • Duration: The Subclass 188B Visa has a four-year, three-month validity period. Extensions are feasible, nevertheless, under certain circumstances. In order to fully comprehend the subtleties of visa term and extension, it is essential that you speak with immigration lawyers.

    • Investment Requirements: The necessity for investments is one of the most important parts of this visa. Typically, applicants must put down a minimum of AUD 1.5 million in an authorized Australian investment. Lawyers in Chatswood or other nearby areas may help you choose an investment that satisfies the criteria for a visa.

    • Route to Permanent residence: The Subclass 188B Visa’s potential to lead to permanent residence in Australia is one of its most alluring characteristics. You may be able to apply for a permanent visa after keeping up the investment for a certain amount of time.

    • Family Inclusion: You may apply for this visa with members of your family unit included. This implies that with this visa, your spouse and dependent children are also allowed to live, work, and study in Australia.

Applying for a Subclass 188B Visa: Step by Step Process

Applying for a Subclass 188B Visa may be a complex procedure that needs close attention to detail. Understanding the fundamental procedures involved will help you get started, even if it’s always preferable to speak with an immigration lawyer for specific advice. A step-by-step guide to assist you with the application process is provided below.


    • The first consultation with an immigration lawyer is the first stage in the application procedure. Lawyers in Chatswood or other nearby areas may help you with the required paperwork and provide you a preliminary evaluation of your eligibility.

    • Expression of Interest (EOI): You have to use Skill Select to submit an Expression of Interest before you can apply for a visa. You will be asked a number of questions about your personal information, business aptitude, and financial history on this online form.

    • State or Territory Nomination: An Australian state or territory must nominate you after the submission of your EOI. It’s important to do study and choose a state that fits with your investment objectives since every area has a different set of requirements and investment opportunities.

    • Preparing the Documents: This stage entails assembling all the files required to bolster your application. This consists of identification papers, bank records, and evidence of investment monies. Your paperwork may be correct and comprehensive with the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

    • Application Submission: You may officially submit your visa application as soon as all necessary documentation is available. Before pressing the submit button, it is crucial to review all of the material and speak with your immigration lawyer.

    • Interview and Assessment: You could be contacted for an interview or requested to provide further information after your application. Your application will be evaluated by the Department of Home Affairs based on a number of criteria, such as your investment strategy and financial standing.

    • Visa Grant or Denial: The decision about the grant or denial of a visa is the last stage. Should your application be approved, you will get a notification detailing the terms and length of your visa. To learn about your options for appealing or reapplying if your application is refused, it is imperative that you speak with an immigration lawyer.

How to Qualify for a Subclass 188B Visa: The Criteria, The Investment, and The Benefits

To be eligible for a Subclass 188B Visa, you must fulfill certain requirements about your financial situation, your investment goals, and your general appropriateness for this kind of visa. A thorough understanding of these requirements will greatly increase your application’s chances of being accepted.


    • Financial Requirements: You need to have a solid financial foundation in order to be eligible for this visa. This entails possessing a minimum net worth of AUD 2.25 million, which need to be obtained lawfully and made accessible for investment purposes.

    • Investment Requirements: As previously indicated, an authorized Australian investment must receive a minimum investment of AUD 1.5 million. This might take the shape of managed funds, government bonds, or other permitted investment choices.

    • Age Requirement: Applicants must normally be under 55, however there may be an exemption if the state or territory nominating you would greatly benefit financially from your commitment.

    • English Proficiency: Although not a must, knowing enough English to get by will be helpful throughout the application process. An English proficiency exam could be one of the requirements in certain states for nomination.

    • Like with other Australian visas, applicants must fulfill certain standards related to their health and character. This entails submitting police clearance documents and going through medical exams.

Potential Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Although the Subclass 188B Visa has many advantages, there are drawbacks as well. Many candidates run across obstacles that might cause their visa application to be delayed or even denied. Traveling more smoothly may be achieved by being aware of these possible problems and understanding how to prevent them.


    • Inaccurate or Incomplete paperwork: One of the most frequent errors made by applicants is the submission of inaccurate or incomplete paperwork. Please make sure everything is in order by double-checking your documentation and speaking with an immigration lawyer.

    • Lack of Research: An application may be rejected if the state nomination requirements and particular investment choices are not thoroughly investigated. Lawyers in Chatswood and other nearby places may provide insightful advice about the investments and states that are best for your particular circumstances.

    • Ignoring Deadlines: There are many phases in the visa application procedure, and each has a deadline. Applications may be denied or there may be delays if a deadline is missed. Make a schedule and assign reminders for important occasions.

    • Neglecting the Need for Funds: Your application will very certainly be rejected if you don’t fulfill the financial requirements. Before applying, make sure you fulfill all the financial conditions, such as the minimum net worth and investment quantities.

    • Ignoring Health and Character Checks: If you don’t match the conditions, your visa may be denied for lack of health and character. Ensure that you have police clearance certificates well in advance, and that you pass all required medical checks.


The Subclass 188B Visa presents a favorable prospect for those seeking to make investments in Australia. But the application procedure is complex and needs a deep comprehension of many requirements and stages. Getting advice from an immigration lawyer may provide you the individualized direction you need to properly manage this complex procedure. You may increase your chances of getting the visa and of having a profitable venture in Australia by planning ahead and avoiding typical errors.


How do I qualify for a 188B visa in Australia?

You must be under 55 years old and get at least 65 points on the points test in order to be eligible for an Australian 188B visa. Along with having a track record of profitable investments or company ventures, you should also be prepared to commit at least AUD 1.5 million to a four-year authorized investment in Australia. Remember that there must also be a nomination from a State or Territory administration.

How long does it take to get Australia 188B visa?

An Australia 188B visa’s processing time may vary depending on a number of variables, including the volume of applications and the need for verification. In general, it might take six to twelve months starting on the day the application is submitted.


Before applying for a Subclass 188 Visa, make sure you satisfy all requirements. Next, use Skill Select to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). If you are invited, you have sixty days to apply for a visa. This entails completing the application and sending in the necessary paperwork together with the application money. Following this, you can get an interview invitation or a request for further paperwork.

What is the processing time for subclass 188?

The processing time for Subclass 188 visas varies. Generally, 75% of applications are processed within 12 to 16 months. However, processing times can be shorter or longer depending on the complexity of your application and any additional checks that may be needed.