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Can I Live in Newcastle or Wollongong on a 491 Visa?

If you hold a 491 Visa, also known as the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa, understanding your residency options is crucial. This visa aims to attract skilled workers to regional areas, offering a pathway to permanent residency. Fortunately, both Newcastle and Wollongong are designated regional zones. As a 491 Visa holder, you can settle in either city, enjoying the benefits of regional living while meeting your visa requirements.

The 491 visa, or the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa as it is officially called, is aimed at helping skilled workers move to regional areas of the country. This visa provides permanent residency for the migrants while at the same time assisting the regional areas of Australia to gain skilled workers. Newcastle and Wollongong are two of the many popular places where many visa holders prefer to live because of the active community and employment prospects. In this guide, we will discuss if you can live in Newcastle or Wollongong on a 491 visa, the advantages of having this visa, and the requirements for this visa for both cities.

Living in Newcastle or Wollongong on a 491 Visa is not only possible but also advantageous. These cities offer a blend of professional opportunities, lifestyle benefits, and community support that align perfectly with the visa’s objectives. Whether you’re drawn to Newcastle’s dynamic urban life or Wollongong’s coastal serenity, both cities provide a welcoming and promising environment for skilled migrants.

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What is a 491 Visa?

The 491 visa enables skilled migrants and their dependents to live, work and study in regional areas of Australia for a period of up to five years. This visa is one of the many in Australia’s framework of encouraging economic development in regional areas by attracting skilled workers to areas with a low supply of such personnel. The 491 visa is regional-based, and some of the regions include Newcastle and Wollongong which are in the New South Wales’ specified regions.

Another plus to the 491 visa is that its processes are quite transparent in terms of the pathway to permanent residency. People who hold a visa and stay in regional regions for three years and earn a specific income may apply for the Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa subclass 191. This provision maps a clear pathway to permanent residency, which makes the 491 visa very suitable for many skilled migrants.
The process of applying for the 491 visa is not that lengthy: First, the candidates have to register their interest through an Expression of Interest (EOI) which is housed in the SkillSelect framework and where the candidate provides information about their skills, educational background, and experience. The applications are then assigned points based on the EOIs’ age, English language proficiency, skilled employment experience, and educational qualifications. According to the criteria, the applicants must have a minimum score of 65 points.

Applicants also need to obtain a nomination from an Australian state or territory government or be sponsored by an eligible family member in a specific regional area. All the states and territories have different requirements and procedures for nomination, which are based on the particularities of the economic development and labour markets in these areas. For instance, New South Wales has provisions that the applicant’s occupation must be on the regional skilled occupation list and other requirements concerning employment and residency in the regions.

Apart from the points test and gaining a nomination, the applicants must sit for a skill assessment to confirm that they meet the Australian standard in the nominated occupation. They also have to pass IELTS or TOEFL tests to prove their English proficiency, and they have to meet health and character tests as prescribed by the Department of Home Affairs.

Benefits of Having a 491 Visa

The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) is a visa that presents many opportunities for the skilled worker who wants to live and work in regional Australia. This visa is also useful as it offers a chance to gain permanent residence and contributes to the development of regional areas. Here are some key advantages of holding a 491 visa:
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency : Another advantage of the 491 visa is that the program’s eligibility has a straightforward process for permanent residency. Once the visa holder has held the visa for three years, and provided certain income and residency conditions have been met, they can then apply for the Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa (subclass 191). This will help to create a secure and long-term future for it in the given country.
  • Access to Regional Employment Opportunities : There are several labour markets in Australia and some of them include Newcastle and Wollongong, and in most of these areas, there is always a high demand for skilled workers. The 491 visa enables you to access these employment areas and boost your likelihood of securing an occupation in your line of specialisation. This is especially helpful for those working in professions provided on the skilled migration list.
Enhanced Quality of Life Residing in regional areas is advantageous in terms of the quality of life and the work-life ratio compared to the major cities. These areas generally have relatively lower costs, and traffic densities and are often endowed with aesthetically attractive landscapes. Newcastle and Wollongong are the cities which provide good facilities, better health and education services which can enhance the living standard.
  • Contribution to Regional Development : The 491 visa holders who have been selected are important members of societies and regional economies for migration. The contribution of this study is to enhance the formation of more resilient regional communities and to boost the economic growth of the nation.
  • Full Work and Study Rights : The 491 visa enables the holders to work and study in Australia as per their desire in the specified regional areas. This way the visa holders can do more training or have multiple jobs and this gives them the best chance at career progression and self-fulfilment while at the same time fulfilling the visa requirements.

491 Visa Eligibility for Newcastle and Wollongong

Living in Newcastle or Wollongong on a 491 visa requires certain qualifications from the applicants. Such criteria enable the government to ensure that individuals getting the visa have the right skills and education for the region’s economy. It is essential to comprehend these requirements to have a proper application. Below are some of the requirements that applicants need to meet to apply for the 491 visa in Australia for Newcastle and Wollongong.

  • State or Territory Nomination : For the 491 visas, one must be nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency. For Newcastle and Wollongong, this implies getting a nomination from the New South Wales (NSW) government. The nomination criteria vary from state to state or territory, and the requirements may be having an occupation listed in the state’s skilled occupation list, and meeting residency or job offer requirements among others.
  • Skilled Occupation List : The 491 visa’s relevant skilled occupation list must include your occupation. The following is the list of occupations that are currently in demand in the regional area. For NSW, make sure that your occupation corresponds to the regional demand at the moment. It is recommended to visit the NSW government website to get the latest lists of the eligible participants.
  • Points-Based Assessment : The 491 visa requires the applicants to pass the points test where they must gather at least 65 points. The number of points is given depending on such parameters as age, knowledge of English, skilled employment, education, and other factors. More points can help in getting an invitation to apply for a job for a visa or for anything you want.
  • Skills Assessment : You must have a positive skills assessment for your nominated occupation from an assessing authority that deals with your country of residence. This assessment has established that your competency profile complies with Australian standards. Make sure that you begin this process early since the skills assessment may take anything from a few weeks to a few months to be completed.
  • English Language Proficiency : For the 491 visa, one must prove proficiency in the English language as that would be a requirement. This can be evidenced by the IELTS, TOEFL or PTE Academic tests that are used to standardize the English language. This is one of the most important factors when it comes to passing the points test as well as the success of the visa application.
  • Health and Character Requirements : It is important that all applicants must be free from any diseases or health issues that the Department of Home Affairs has listed and they must have good behaviour. This entails going for a medical check-up to ascertain that you are healthy enough to pursue the course and presenting police clearance certificates to show that you are on good behaviour.
  • Commitment to Regional Living : Candidates have to demonstrate the willingness to work and reside in regional locations like Newcastle or Wollongong. This is evidenced by employment letters, proof of interconnectivity and intentions to establish roots in the region. Being able to prove this commitment is essential to obtain a state or territory government nomination.


Yes, Wollongong is one of the regions that fall under the 491 visa program and therefore valid region. This classification implies that skilled workers can reside in Wollongong and meet the regional work requirement that is essential for retaining their visa and applying for permanent residency through the subclass 191 visa.
Yes, Newcastle is an acceptable city for the 491 visa holders to reside in. Newcastle is listed as a regional area under the 491 visa category. Being a resident of Newcastle you will be able to meet the regional selectivity requirement that will allow you to apply for permanent residency later.

Yes, there is an option to do the change of region within the allocated area of regional areas under the 491 visa. Nevertheless, you are required to reside and earn your income in regional areas as classified by the Department of Home Affairs to meet the visa requirements and the qualification for further permanent residency in Australia.

Under the 491 visa, your family members are allowed to accompany you. This visa permits you to have the option of including eligible family members in your application and they can also work, study or live in the designated regional areas with you.

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